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About us

Mr. Ali Amzed
Chairman’s Message

Shah Ali Amzed (46) began his career within the hospitality industry in 1984 by successfully managing 8 family run restaurants back in the United Kingdom in Oxfordshire, which specialised in authentic Indian fusion menus and also catering for cooperage events, weddings and a diverse range of occasions. He soon realised in his early 20s that one day he wanted to go onto opening hotels in his country of origin, Bangladesh and provide ultimate customer satisfaction with the same high standards as the West. But also he started to feel a call of duty to provide employment opportunities in this developing country that’s been associated with so much negative third world stigma due to its floods and poverty. His ultimate mission then became to one day foster the people of Bangladesh with the ability to ‘dream’ like he did, plus boost the country’s economy, prospects and eventually eradicate the negative stigma and help Bangladesh become a tourist hotspot worldwide. He states ‘what people do not know is that Bangladesh has one of the world’s longest sea beach located in Cox Bazaar. It boasts natural and luscious rain forests, renowned tea gardens mostly located in Sylhet, delicious foods, fishing and boating activities and the people of the country are one of the most hospitable you will come across.’

Now in 2015 Ali Amzed has finally given birth to his dream and opened his first hotel in Shaporan in Sylhet, Bangladesh called ALMAS, which means Diamond in Arabic.

The name has been inspired by his late father Al-Hajj Shah Jahir Ali, who like a diamond charmed everyone he encountered with his dazzling passion for Bangladesh and its heritage and was noted as a humble and religious man. Shah Ali Amzed remembers with a warm tone that ‘one destination my parents always used to book for our family holiday was in Sylhet, Bangladesh. I have a very fond and many happy memories of my childhood in Shaporan which was very vibrant, always busy with the hustle and bustle of the market traders, also near all the public amenities and you are never left bored as there is always something exciting in offer at Shaporan day & night. Over the years Shaporan has been developed so much which makes him more excited in opening the ALMAS Sylhet Hotel. He is now determined to provide all guests with unforgettable memories of Sylhet and accompanied with top class hospitality!